Greatland Construction & Siding sets the standard with the most advanced vinyl replacement windows available today, combining the latest features with outstanding performance and value. Greatland replacement windows will surpass your expectations. In addition to impressing you with their performance ratings they will bring comfort and security to your home while adding beauty and value that you never imagined. The following are just a few characteristics that our windows offer:

  • Clean, uninterrupted site lines
  • Multiple weather-strip system for extra air and moisture protections
  • Optimal Insulated Glass Unit spacing for energy efficiency and noise reduction
  • Solarban 70XL Solar Control Low-E coated glass comes standard for increased energy efficiency
  • Super Spacer TruWarm Edge Technology guards against energy loss and condensation
  • Multi-chamber engineered frame for added strength
  • Dual durometer chambered glazing bead for a weather-tight seal
  • Both sash and meeting rail are metal reinforced for structural integrity and security
  • Interlocking sash system secures air and water
  • Double contoured integral pull rail for ease of operation
  • Exterior sloped chamber designed for better drainage
  • Stainless steel roller hardware for lasting performance and smooth operation
  • Fusion-welded corners
  • Fully weather-stripped pocketed sill


Greatland windows are custom built to order with no additional pricing for custom sizes. Greatland Window and Doors qualify for the Federal Tax Credit and ENERGY STAR rating. Ask about our products energy efficiency. Our customers can be assured that we wont sell a window that doesn’t meet or exceed these requirements. We are NOT limited to a specific brand.


Enhance the beauty of your home with the unique look of an indoor garden display. The garden window increases the amount of natural light in any room. Tru-Frame Greenhouse windows are one of the most energy efficient windows available in single or double-glazed insulated glass. So you’ll let the sunshine in without losing heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. There’s also a clear view of nothing but glass to the outside. With no support bar, no obstruction and no problem for cleaning or dusting. We cant promise your plants will grow better with our greenhouse window. But they’ll be supported better with our rugged fusion welded PVC vinyl frame construction. it carries more weight, wont sag, and is virtually indestructible.

Its Better, Top to Bottom

On top, our 3/4″ Insulated low E squared roof repels up to 70% of the suns heat, and protects plants from harmful ultraviolet rays
And on the bottom, theres a fully insulated 3/4″ sturdy specially formulated rigid vinyl trya. its easy to clean, its a full 16″ deep for wider plant bases.

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